Our zinc oxide (feed grade) manufacturing plan is below.

  1. Raw materials purchased from specially selected suppliers are accepted in seperated lots. Only after an initial control that places great importance on avoidance of heavy metals, f.e. PB, As, Cd,Fe, Cl, the allowance of further treatment takes place

  2. The lots which are allowed for further treatment are roasted to produce Zinc Oxide in a special rotating furnace in 850-900C in groups of 25-35 lots

  3. Each lot is re-analysed to determine if it is in accord with standards or not. Lots not in accord are sent back for re-processing, while those in accord are sent for dioxin analysis to international accredited laboratories such as LUFA or SGS.

  4. Only after the allowance of this external laboratory products are sent to the milling process and packaging. Package types are 1000 kg-1100 kg large bags, 25 kg paper bags or per request.

The production takes place with carefully trained and istructed employees combined with hygienic conditions of production and storage.



  • GMP+- B1
  • H.A.C.C.P
  • TS EN ISO 9001:2000

Areas where products are roasted, milled, packaged and stored are roofed, clean, air conditioned and in accord with GMP+- B1 standards.

Each lot is numbered separately and samples of all lots are stored for 5 years.

We have 30 employees involved in production as well as 2 chemical engineers and 2 technicians working in the laboratory.

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